Python scripting - Workmethod callbacks



The callback PostWmOnFrameChanged(CENPyOlpFrameChangedOperator) is called from the  kernel when the tool or base frame was been changed at the operation level.


It can be used to:

- get attribute values

- set attribute values

- output to the log

- access OlpController

- access SCV parser

- get the full path to the technology table file

- get newly changed frame name, index, type, matrix and world matrix


The callback may return a Boolean value. There is no need to return False, because the default value is False anyway:

- True: if it is necessary to perform an operation recompute (ENTERSTATE_STARTWITHRULEEVENTS) after the callback ends

- False: no recompute


The callback is defined in the file.








def PostWmOnFrameChanged(Operator):

   attribGetter = Operator.GetAttribGetter()

   attribSetter = Operator.GetAttribSetter()


   olpController = Operator.GetController()

   toolIndex = olpController.GetActiveToolFrameIndex()

   baseIndex = olpController.GetActiveBaseFrameIndex()


   csvParser = Operator.GetCsvParserOperator()

   iRet = csvParser.LoadCsvFile(" ..\\TechTabs\\WeldingAttrib.csv")


   filePath = Operator.GetTechTabFolder("WeldingAttrib.csv")

   logging.LogInfo("TechTab path: " + str(filePath))


   changedFrameName = Operator.GetChangedFrameName()

   logging.LogInfo("Newly changed frame name: " + str(changedFrameName))


   changedFrameIndex = Operator.GetChangedFrameIndex()

   logging.LogInfo("Newly changed frame index: " + str(changedFrameIndex))


   changedFrameType = Operator.GetChangedFrameType()

   if changedFrameType == FRAMETYPE_BASE:

      logging.LogInfo("Newly changed frame type: Base")

   if changedFrameType == FRAMETYPE_TOOL:

      logging.LogInfo("Newly changed frame type: Tool")


   matrix = Operator.GetChangedFrameMatrix()

   if matrix.IsValid():

      logging.LogInfo("Matrix position: " + str(matrix.GetPosition().GetXYZ()))

      logging.LogInfo("Matrix rotation: " + str(matrix.GetRotation()))


      logging.LogInfo("Matrix is not valid!")


   worldMatrix = Operator.GetChangedFrameWorldMatrix()

   if worldMatrix.IsValid():

      logging.LogInfo("World matrix position: " + str(worldMatrix.GetPosition().GetXYZ()))

      logging.LogInfo("World matrix rotation: " + str(worldMatrix.GetRotation()))


      logging.LogInfo("World matrix is not valid!")


   # Set to True when a recompute is required

   requestStartWithRuleEventsRecompute = True

   return requestStartWithRuleEventsRecompute





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